The Composite Intelligence



The Composite Intelligence

By Mark White
Managing Director 

Nothing to do with democracy and everything to do with integrated co-functionality, cmb strives to be a single brain predicated on equality of mind-type and attendant roles.

This is to say, if we are to sustain all the ‘professional integrities’ (for another blog), each job function in the inevitable HR complexities and disparateness of a communications agency, must enjoy equal credence. Particularly within. That is, anal retentive accounts clerks getting turned on by balancing numbers are equal to door-opening events managers who survive sleep deprivation. The notion is beyond old buzz word ‘team’ and the newer buzz word ‘collective’.

As someone who began in Copy, I am aware of the potential admiration won by ‘creative’ ideation. Yet final glory never belongs to one person. Yet it’s all too easy for the one holding the prize to forget the structures upon which they climbed. If someone close by is invisible, they are probably doing their job really well.

Lah de dah de dah blah blah blah… so, yes, success can be treacherous and, yes, this is Mark’s personal ideology, but does it have any place in running a business, serving clients’ true goals and necessarily making your best work a habit?

Consider the term “composite intelligence”.

Can we really vend integrated thinking (and execution) if we are ourselves not integrated? And what does it mean to be truly integrated as the human components of an organization? It isn’t enough to be a creative agency, a strategic agency, an agency with good media relations, an agency of good negotiators… good PR, social media, client relations… If the whole is to be greater than the sum of its parts, there can be no silos.

The wow event and award winning campaign also need efficient accounting, people who win a client’s trust and reliable drivers. To be composite is to bend your mind to the perspectives of others as a means of enriching your own focus. It’s not that hard. Thankfully, like love, culture is a fabrication rooted in character, virtue and the power of decision.

See the organization as a healthy brain firing on all cylinders to generate maximum power. Now consider the reverse.  How often have you seen a brilliant person implode or founder because of a fundamental flaw, say, the blindness caused by selfishness or its cousin, greed, or the errors in judgement caused by panic, hastiness or undue hesitation? A psychiatrist friend of mine once said the brain is god (it was J’Ouvert morning and he was correcting me, the C2H5OH thought soca was God). Honour your god.

Perhaps this is one reason why cmb can say est. 1968 as it confidently composes the present, and future.

Mark White



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