Meet Mazel Baptist… cmb’s newest intern



In this spotlight feature, we introduce you to Mazel Baptist. Already a creative genius on the turntables, Mazel is now focusing on becoming a marketing wiz within the advertising industry.

mazel baptist cmb intern

What drew you to cmb communications? 

Marketing and the process of pitching ideas in order to find ways to attract consumers to buy into a product intrigue me. I heard that cmb is the best in the industry in Trinidad and Tobago and I knew the Director through a mutual friend so I talked to him and he called me in for a meeting and it went from there.

Briefly describe your primary responsibilities as an intern? 

I mainly do market research for the heads of departments whether it’s Business Development, Public Relations, Strategy or Production. From time to time I may be asked to update employee information for an upcoming pitch, but basically, I do lots of online market research.

What has been your most memorable project so far?

I recently had the opportunity to work on a pitch for a fast food company. We had long days and nights working on it. While it was tiring, it was also very exciting being part of a team that was passionate about everything from font style to competitive research.

Name 3 things it takes to be a successful intern at cmb?

  1. Read all you can, every day
  2. Don’t be lazy
  3. When all else fails refer to Tip number 2.

Do you have a personal motto? If so, what is it and how has it helped you survive agency life?

I’m not sure if I will call it a personal motto but my strong belief is that you must invest in yourself and grow EVERY DAY. Spiritually, Mentally, Physically and Relationship wise.

When you’re not at cmb, what are you doing?

I’m a DJ/Announcer at Hott 93. I also run my own PA and sound company.

What advertising lingo or buzzword do you most overuse?

PPM (Pre-Production Meeting/Post Production Meeting)

What’s your favourite cmb ad campaign and why? 

The STAG Stage. I think it was brilliant. The idea of promoting the brand STAG through weekly Carnival events and tours personalizes the consumer experience and drives what drinking the beer personifies.

Who most inspires at cmb and why?

It’s tough to pin point one person, so I’ll give three. Mark White, Christie Harewood and Aabida Allaham. They constantly challenge me to push my limits and become a critical thinker.

What are you most looking forward to in your remaining weeks cmb?

I worked with one of the creative teams to develop a shopping spree idea for one of our clients and I’m really excited to be a part of the activation and the overall day. It’s really a good feeling when the things you work on get approved and executed the way you imagine.

Any words of advice for people who want to intern at cmb? 

I would suggest the same 3 tips I have used for myself.

  1. Read all you can, every day
  2. Don’t be lazy
  3. When all else fails refer to Tip number 2.




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