cmb rebrands an Insurance Giant



Rebranding is a scary and intense undertaking. Will people still recognize the brand? Would the to-do list be too overwhelming? Would the brand lose market share?

Quite recently, after winning the CUNA Caribbean Insurance pitch, cmb was faced with the challenge of rebranding the Insurance giant.  And it was not only in our home territory of Trinidad and Tobago but also CUNA Caribbean Insurance’s Jamaican arm as well. This meant coordinating and producing two of everything! Two launch events, two sets of artwork, two of this, two of that.

Yet, after hours of copy writing discussions, event management butting heads with client services, a logo refresh, dozens of contemporary layout designs sorted through, and liters of sweat and tears (yes, literal tears were shed by our web designer) the rebranding process was successfully done.

The result: CUNA Caribbean Insurance, For ALL PEOPLE



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