Increase real-world (man’s world) personal interactions with the brand in the Carnival arena.

Creative Solution:

Create a viable LIVE entertainment option in the Carnival milieu.

For four years the STAGe was set up on an empty lot in Woodbrook, the defacto entertainment capital of T&T. Like a circus, the temporary structure could host performance by top Carnival artistes such as Bunji Garlin, Kes, Jaiga TC, and hundreds of STAG guests. The novel venue also features various other forms of entertainment and games many related to consumption. Admission is free. In the sixth year the STAGe went mobile and took on a caravan format.
Media included:

  • Press and Radio Bulletins
  • Sales Promotions that included competitions to win specialty VIP packages that allowed winners to party with the artistes
  • Social media promotions


Now in its 6th year, the STAGe has become a Carnival institution featured on annual events calendars.


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