GOVTT: Knock Knock



For Trinidad and Tobago’s 2011 census, we faced a massive challenge: how to count when people don’t want to be counted.
With a population of approximately 1.35 million people, citizens were not ready to share information about their lifestyle and daily habits. However, from a macro-economic point of view, this data is vital to the development and progress of Trinidad and Tobago.

Creative Strategy:
Inform the public of the coming census and allay concerns by creating a warm, professional and non-threatening vehicle for information transfer and enquiry.

Creative Solution:
The creative spark came from the series of ‘Knock Knock’ jokes. Based on this approach, we created numerous scenarios that informed the citizens on the reasons why their information was required and how it could be used: for collective improvement of the country.
Campaign elements included a series of TV commercials, radio spots, print advertising, a huge opening event on census night, including a free concert and a roadshow creating buy-in and awareness.


knock knock

knock knock



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