First Citizens: 100 Years of Banking



First Citizens is celebrating 100 Years of Indigenous Banking in Trinidad and Tobago. It is one of the most important milestones for T&T as it commemorates a genuine part of ‘our own’ history that has been carved out. It must be told.

Creative Solution:

Use the milestone to educate the public and generate a broader appreciation of indigenous banking and the part First Citizens has and continues to play in this aspect of community, country and region building.

First Citizens’ created a lot of “firsts” both within the local banking system and for citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. Using themes such as “Innovation”, “Women in Society”, “The Unbanked”, “Sport/Art and Development of Indigenous banking in Caribbean”, we developed an integrated campaign and a website exploring what were the intriguing stories, the achievements, and the relationship with other historical events…the stories worth telling!
The look and feel for the creatives had a nostalgic newspaper feel using black and white/Sepia.
Elements of the campaign included a collector’s book, a microsite, editorials and audiovisual materials.

TVC 1:

TVC 2:

TVC 3:


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