5th Summit of the Americas



1. Prepare and convince a sceptical public of the benefits of T&T’s hosting the 5th Summit of the Americas and create the public and private sector goodwill towards this prestigious and very expensive venture.
2. Create a brand identity for the international conference
3. Promote the event regionally and internationally.

The Summit of the Americas was established as a forum for bringing leaders of the countries in the hemispheres together to discuss the state of the region and create initiatives that yield positive results for the citizens. The Summit had notoriously become a staging ground for major political protest of international proportions.
In 2009 Trinidad and Tobago hosted the Summit. cmb was won the bid to create, produce and air marketing communications portfolio for the event. The event hosted hundreds of foreign dignitaries, observers and the international media. It was also one of the first overseas engagements of President Barrack Obama.

Creative Solution:
The slogan “Where the World Meets” was created. The statement recognised Trinidad and Tobago’s cosmopolitan heritage and the ambition for the 5th Summit.
All advertising, promotional and collateral material and PR production and coordination were designed and executed by cmb.


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