Branded News: How To be A Hero



By Desiree Seebaran
Digital Content Producer

As a former journalist, I come from an industry where newer is always better; it gets the lead story in the TV broadcast, Page 3 (above the fold!!) in the paper and it gets the most time in the 12 noon radio news.

Luckily, things are not that different in digital advertising, particularly in social media. New is still the order of the day and the brands that jump on what’s new stay in everyone’s minds and news feeds. (see what I did there?)

I’m not just talking about the latest scandal. There are news items that you can plan for; use these opportunities to make your brand the hero. For instance, all over the world, and in Trinidad and Tobago, July to September is the period where undergraduates of all ages and life stages finish their last exams, don caps and gowns and start hunting for their first jobs post-studies. Rather than doing a boring congratulatory notice, the digital content team came up with this:

National holidays, acknowledged global celebrations … these are all great bandwagons for brands to jump on. And not just for fast-moving consumer products, either.

More corporate, service-oriented brands also have a brilliant opportunity to show off their their goals and mission to the public and engage with them at the same time, all over what’s new and interesting.

Many miss the moment and fill the gap with more obvious content: event photos, CEO speeches or worse (gasp!) a jpeg of the company newsletter. But these events are opportunities to be creative, fun and really cause a splash online. And you could even look at doing something different online than you do in the press (hint, hint).


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